No Setup->Administration option on menu

Continuing the discussion from emonSD-07Nov16 RELEASE :tada::

I’m new to running a local version of emoncms, so sorry if this is a known issue. After installing a fresh emonSD-07Nov16 and creating a user, there was no Setup->Administration option on the menu. I assumed perhaps that there was a separate ‘admin’ user I should be logging in as, but apparently the first user you create gets automatic admin access?

Logging out and logging in again fixed the problem, but there is definitely an issue with admin option missing on the very first login :frowning:


Correct, the first user you created is the admin user. On the emonSD Emocnms is restricted to a single user account. This can be changed by changing /var/www/emoncms/setting.php:

Thanks. So why the need to logout and log back in to get Administration appearing in the menu? Is that a known bug?

It seems to be as of yesterday! I noticed this topic post:

Update: this topic above is actually not the same issue since the users is using a different (much older version of emonSD)

So far I have been unable to re-create the issue. Please could you post all debug info you can onto the other topic.

I’ve now been able to reproduce the problem - if I reboot the Pi, I am still logged in to emoncms as the previous user BUT the Administration option has disappeared, just as when the user was created for the first time. If I log out, then log back in, Administration reappears.

Please let me know if I can give any other information to help track down the bug.

[Really need to split these queries on Admin to a new thread]
I’ve noticed that on a tab that stays open (even through reboots or opening closing the browser) the EmonCMS page allows me to do all sorts of things, thinks I am still logged in but there is no admin entry in the menu. If I log out and log back in it reappears.

I suspect it is something to do with the current session/‘keep me logged in’ option. Has happened for sometime but I am on an older version so I assumed it had probably been fixed.