New user - Setup > Feeds are all "undefined" after factory reset

Hi all,

I’m a new user so please excuse the (dumb!) questions!

I am just setting up my new emonpi and all was going fine until I did a factory reset (the unit had stopped working on wifi for some reason, but was ok on wired ethernet, and so I thought I’d try this). I have now got the unit connecting OK again over wifi with a static IP address (which is what I was trying to do initially), but now when I go to setup the inputs in emoncms, everything in the process dropdown says “undefined”, where previously there were options to “log to feed” etc…

I am presuming that the factory reset has removed something that was needed here?

How can I recover this please?

thanks very much!

Update : I saw this thread:

and wondered if it was related. And so I cleared the browser cache, and the options under “add process” are now back as they were before, all present and correct.

cheers Nick