Fixed: Emoncms 9.2.2 update UNSUPPORTED Input Processes


After updating my EmonPi and my database, I have got version 9.2.2 of Emoncms.
Unfortunately, there are some issues.
First, the list of inputs indicates that processes are “unsupported” (see attached file). On the other hand the values of the nodes are correct and updated regularly.
Second, the “stacked” visualisation gives negative values for the month of September (see attached file).
Did I forget to perform something during the update?

Hello @Gerard1, thankyou for reporting, a similar issue was reported here After update to 9.9.0 process list all unavaiblable - #4 by nuno_faria1 and an update was issued to force the reloading of the internet browser cache. It doesn’t look like that’s taken effect in your update. Could you try clearing your internet browsers cache manually and then reloading the page?

Can you also check if there are any updates to perform in the Administration > Update database > Update & Check?

The resetting of your kWh feed is a bit more of a worry, that should not happen, but there is a way to fix data that resets in this way. Could you show a screenshot of the underlying data for feed: solar_kwh over the period where it goes negative?


Thanks for your help.

Everything come back right (undefined process list and negative values) after manually clearing my internet browsers cache.

Great, glad it cleared the negative value too.


I can give you more details about negative values.

As you can see on attached files, it looks like negative values are displayed when there is no solar generation (see screen shot at 20:04:32) and normal display come back right when there is solar generation (see screen shot at 10:02:36). Please note that the « sep 2018 » displayed on the legend is actually for « october values »