New feature: Emoncms admin page display emonSD version

Thanks @Andy_Taylor @pb66 nice addition :thumbsup:

The Emoncms admin page is evolving to be very useful resource while helping to troubleshoot users systems.

An extension to this resource would be a single button that could be used to dump the admin info together with the the emonhub and emoncms.log into a text / zip file that then get’s downloaded ready for the user to post on the support forum. Imagine how much time could be saved and how many issues could easily be picked up immediately if we had all this info up front!

Another useful little addition in the pi section of the admin page would be to include the emonSD pre-built SD card build version (date). This is checked with:

$ ls /boot | grep emonSD


[email protected]:~ $ ls /boot | grep emonSD

If no emonSD is returned then we can assume the system is a self-build, or one of our very old (pre emonPi) images! This would have to be a Linux specific call.

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PoC code already written, once my current PR is done, I’ll add this one.

PR 582 submitted.

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Thanks @Andy_Taylor :tada:

Fantastic work, been tested and merged.

Emoncms admin (when running on a RaspberryPi ) now displays emonSD release version: