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New error on dashboard graphs

New error on dashboard.

When trying to use a bargraph I get this error

If I clik ok I get this:

The bargraph in the lower right corner is missing data and the frame…

Any idea??


I investigated at little bit more.
the feed stareted yesterday at 4:45PM (UNIX timestamp: 1571064300)
My account settings:

If have the interval set to “d”

I get the error.

If I change d to:
86400 (24 h =error)
43200 (12 h=error)
39600 (11 h=error)
36000 (10 h= NO error)
32400 (9 h= NO error)
28800 (8 h= NO error)
25200 (7 h= NO error)
21600 (6 h= NO error)

Hello @Boye what feed engine are you using for the degree_day_Day feed? What does it look like if you open it in the graph view?

In Graph view

It’s a normal power to kWh feed

Looks like it must be an issue resulting from not having enough data in the feed, e.g smaller time periods are ok as there are at least 10h between the present and the start of the feed. Looks like better error catching is required for this case.

you are saying when I have a full 24 Hour data set the error goes away… That is also my conclusion just thought you wold be interested in error feedback…:grinning:

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Thanks @Boye I’ve pushed a fix to this to the emoncms master branch.

I will do an update when I get home from Work… later tonight…

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@TrystanLea just did update to emoncms 10.1.8…
changed the interval to “d” (day)
the error still persists, sorry no cigar…:cry:


Are you on master or stable?


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Flush browser cache, restart emoncms etc?

Update, reboot and new browser… error still there

One for @TrystanLea then :grin:

sorry had a 2nd look it’s in *stable

Ah that makes more sense.

You happy how to swap?

what do u mean?? swap??

To the other branch.

SSH in and cd to /var/www/emoncms (or the root emoncms folder)


git fetch --all --prune

Then you need to switch to another branch, in this case the master branch. If first you do

git branch

You will see stable with an asterisk highlighted.

git checkout master

If you now do a git branch you should see master in green with and asterisk.

You are now on master branch.

git checkout stable

will take you back.

You need to then do a

git pull

to bring in the most recent version of master

just to recap:
Raspberry pi 3B (emonBase)
Node-red injects feed every 5 minuts. (my solar panel sim and a degree Day calculator.
log to feed 5 min interval started 14. okt at 4:45PM UINIX timestamp 1571064300
power to kWh 5min interval

in graph all looks ok
when I do a baregraph with interval set to “d”
The error shows.

ok now I om Master the error is gone.
Have to see what happens when we past midnight… see if the data is correct…