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New error on dashboard graphs

Great. When a new stable version comes out (so this fix is included in a release), you might want to switch back to stable.

have switched back to stable (without the pull)…
otherwise I think i will forget… normally the emonPi runs without any problems…
But at some point I have to disable the auto update.
I need the 8 EmonPi’s I use in my Classroom to be stable… the students dont have the time and knowledge to fiddle with problems, they are here to lean how to energy optimize refrigerant plants from
log data, curves and Bar graphs… to see the daily energy consumption to learn to adjust expansion valves, fan speed, interval between defrosting etc.


update: you can’t switch back to stable then error is back

Yes, as I said, you will need to wait until @TrystanLea creates a new release.

There is no auto update feature. It is always manual.

If all you are doing is looking at the data, you could possibly have one emonpi with a number of different users looking at the data.

It is working

There is a update when you do a factory reset.

At the end of the course the emonPi’s are factory reset and a new update is pulled…

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