New Curl Widget available in Dashboards

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Curl Widget opens the possibility to create buttons and generate asynchronous calls using Ajax.

Screenshot of the configuration panel:

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It can be used for remote activation of the desired devices or desired processes in Node-Red using HTTP request. Other use is sending messages to the EmonCMS platform to post data.

If the triggered call by the widget needs cofirmation, it is possible to show a confirmation box dialog before the call would be send.

I hope you find it useful!

Thanks! Nice contribution.

Among lots of this this could be used to control the Wifi relay thermostat direct from a dashboard.

I’ve just updated your user privileges on the forum. You can now post as many images and links as you want :slight_smile:

Since the last update it is possible to select desired method (GET or POST) and also it is possible to force the HTTPS option.

In adition extra format support is added to the payload field.

The basic usage until now is:

&json={power:200} or json={power:200}

It is possible add the APIKey to post to other user following the EmonCMS API documentation:


The advanced usage includes JSON detection in message payload. If JSON format is detected, payload is created following this format:


For example myJSONdata can be converted as JSON in Node-Red using JSON converter:

When the recent contribution is accepted, will be possible to introduce the payload as follow:


The payload will be received as follow:

{“value1”:5, “value2”:“foo”, “value3”:12.5}

This option is directly parsed as json by http node in Node-Red:

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can you switch a Sonoff basic (tasmota) with it? how would this have to be configured? The Sonoff basic has been integrated in Node-Red with MQTT and HTTP Get.
A button directly on the Local emoncms Dashboard would be great.

So since I am totally lost and confused on how to use your curl widget, may I ask my question with stupid responses?
I am using an EmonPi.
I have a dashboard configured and want to add a button to it that will enable and disable my Openevse charge controller over my local network, and the same subnet.
The emonpi’s IP is (say), and my openevse is (say).
I want to send the rapi command to the charger $FE to enable and $FD to disable.

I have tried MANY MANY combinations and have tried to understand the “examples” with NO success. Obviously, I am missing something because nothing on the charger changes.
The fields in the curl configuration don’t make sense, like IP of server (I assume is of the charger), the port (I assume it is 80), the URL (what url?), payload (example please?, method (GET or POST for sending this data to the charger).

I would like to find a central location for some kind of user guide with examples on what the different features can be use for and what parameters are needed.
I know everyone’s time is valuable, but if your going to develop and add a feature, wouldn’t some kind of guide on how to use the feature(s) be helpful, rather than just guess and waste time trying to get things to work, and give up because there is no information?
I know the forum is here and helpful, but sometimes the questions get lost in the noise and never get answered.

Really gets frustrating when a function “seems” like it will do what I want, but doesn’t and find the information is scattered all over the place with no real helpful examples.
We all aren’t software people that write in C C++ Assembler Python, etc.