New Blog!

Since the new forum a new User Guide (in the making!) is not enough, I have also taken this opportunity to overhaul the blog. We have never quite liked using Google blog spot, but never made the effort to move, until now. Check out the new blog

All of the old posts have been migrated over, and all new posts will be published on the new blog. If you use RSS, you will need to update it to follow our new RSS feed (link at bottom of blog)

As with the new guide website, it’s been built using Jekyll, and is fully open source. It’s on github at:

I have been trying to create a consistent theme across all three of the new sites:

Please let me know what you think.

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well well, you seem to be in spring period … things blossom all-over :smile:

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Indeed, a spring make over.

Still working in the mobile view from the new blog. A few html images are not auto scaling to mobile. But when done it will look great on mobile :smile:

The Spring :tulip: Blog looks great. A nice clean interface that is easy to read!

On an iPhone the blog is all squished to the left side of the screen but I saw you are still working on the mobile side.

Very nice Glyn.

Maybe need a little work on navigation though, because if you open any of the blog pages, there is no way back through the menu to look at another topic and you reach a dead end. (you can navigate back via the browser back button though).
A back to menu link would be handy, or display the hierarchal level menu on the right maybe?


A standard click on the top logo takes you back to the main index, if this is not obvious enough it would be easy to add a back button to the footer.

@bidouilleur yes, as I mentioned I need to do some image resizing to make all posts looks good on mobile

:sweat_smile: ain’t me complaining this time, it’s Jon but seen the time of the night I can easily understand why :sunglasses:

I’ve added a recent post list which should help with navigation.

I’d say these images should include the area they refer to (blog/Community/Docs) so it is clear where they will take you plus a link back to the main .org page.