Blogs slow to load

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Just tried the new Blog. Main page loaded really quickly but any other page is taking an age to load. Looks like there are some markup issues with images etc The Lightwave blog has also included the whole post instead of the summary.

Could there be a link to a complete list of blogs?

Blogs often have next and previous navigation available which I usually find useful.

I followed your link and then went to several pages on the blog and for me they are all rather quick to load. Depending on how many images it needs to load but overall it is smooth for me.
If also on a CDN, maybe the caching wasn’t finished/triggered ?

Could you try again now? Markdown formatting should by fixed now. It loads much faster running faster running than our old blogger site.

Better, but I suspect that link is slow as it is loading a couple of the items in their entirety (Lightwave OOK for instance).

Where is Lightwave OOK loaded? The blog home page is set to display the into paragraphs from the top 10 posts. Lightwave OOK is not inlcuded in the top 10 and is therefore not loaded for me. The new blog loads lightning fast for me:

What browser are you using?

Let’s get some metrics on this. The new blog is faster than the old one and significantly faster than the current OEM homepage which took 1.8s to load using the same test (result not shown)

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for me it isn’t so quick (still ok) but you see below it is slower (am on 10 mb adsl)

but on new forum there are ‘polls’ and some are really slow to come or just don’t come at all, not sure what these are. As these are the latest items loading I don’t really see it ‘hang’ but still something to look into when possible

I was looking at the second summary page Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor and the first few are OK but the later ones load the whole blog and nt just a summary. Probably a setting in the individual blog.