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Negative Readings

Hello All

I was wondering if anyone knew how to fit this issue. My power is now reading as a negative value, please see the attached screen shot.

What have you, or somebody there, changed?

Has somebody taken the c.t. off the cable and turned it round?

Has somebody changed a calibration constant to negative - or multiplied by -1 in the processing?

Where are you? - There’s a reason for putting your Country in your profile, it lets us know what your electricity supply is likely to be. And that could have a bearing.

Thanks - turns out the CT had been put back the wrong way when I had an aircon system installed a couple of weeks ago.

Im based in the UK and profile has been updated

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You might be able to correct the negative readings.

Go to Setup → Visualization → EditRealtime and there you can multiply by a constant: -1 in your case.
You’ll need to zoom in a long way so that only the negative part is in the window - and even then you might need to tidy up single readings individually. Or, if you have no export, you can convert all to absolute values.

(Had you been in a country where the sockets allow the a.c. adapter to be reversible, that too would have given you negative readings.)