Negative Readings

I guess I need to do it here? Select the date range, set scale to -1 and check ‘fix’ box?

We use a center-tapped transformer. So if his electrical utility did swap his SEW hot legs
(which is highly unlikely) he would see a 180° change in voltage phase across the hot leg
the PT is connected to, and neutral as “neutral” is actually the transformer center-tap.
I have one of same energy monitors he’s speaking of. (from CiruitSetup) His cal values look good.

(SEW = Service Entrance Wire)

By that, do you mean at the transformer end, or at the “connector” end of the cable?

Try changing your voltage cal value to -3920.

You’re on Realtime. Select EditRealtime from the drop-down.

What @Bill.Thomson tells you re the minus - you’ve already done.

No he wouldn’t. Phase is relative. He’d have seen a change relative to his neighbour, but not inside his own house.

|| By that, do you mean at the transformer end, or at the “connector” end of the cable?
The transformer side.

I do not see a dropdown there that says “EditRealtime” This is what I see.

What version of emonCMS are you running? Are you logged in as Administrator? Do you need to log in again (it can time out on you)?

This is what you should be seeing (V11.0.5 - V10.7.4 is similar):

Ah I did not realize I am not logged in as admin. I logged out and back in again. Still do not see it. I think this maybe due to me logging in using my gmail account earlier. Darn it. How do I fix that?

Which emonCMS are you talking about?

It appears from this Topic Cannot login as admin - #7 by Robert.Wall that you are using

The ability to edit a Feed is not available on - this is one of the differences between the local emonCMS and So I’m afraid there’s no easy way to correct the wrong data.

I see. So I have no way of editing the stored data on

None that I know of.

Got it, thanks.

At present. However, this is expected to change in the foreseeable future.

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So I have a local copy which I can do EditRealtime with now. I tried using abs() as the help text suggests: “To convert all the window to absolute values > type abs(x)” But it ended up resetting all of the data to 0 :frowning: I need to re-sync the data and try again. Is there a way to convert all the data to +ve using abs() option?

I’m still running V10.7.4, and while I can’t get it to work consistently, I have managed to convert some negative and some positive to all positive, and I’ve inverted the whole window with × -1.0 I’ve not managed to convert everything to zero values.

That needs reporting as a bug to @TrystanLea It surely should not have done that.