Need the last piece of the puzzle to get HP on heatpumpmonitor

My client has a Daikin f-split which was fitted for free under a grant 3 years ago, it had a Sontex monitoring system fitted, all of which is still there, and looks like a level 3 kit. As far as I can tell it just needs a hub to connect it to heatpumpmonitor. Can anyone tell me what else I need?

Parts already fitted:

SDM120M in consumer unit for immersion
Eastern SDM630 Modbus V2 in CU for HP
Sontex Supercal 531 heat meter with flow and return sensors
Sontex Superstatic flow sensor

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Hello Richard and welcome!

Great! sounds like you just need the emonHP base-station, Modbus and MBUS readers.

Im not sure why these are showing as out of stock at the moment, I will check with @glyn.hudson tomorrow!

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I’ve updated the inventory count, they are now back in stock!

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Excellent, thanks for this, I’ll definitely use the Level 3 route as programming makes my brain itch.

Without the meters and fittings it comes to £285.99+VAT, does that sound right? If so I’ll get on with the proposal

Hi Richard
Would this be for one of the heat pumps installed under the BEIS scheme with OVO? Your timescale seems about right. I’ve written a short guide on how to make the switch from their monitoring to the OEM kit, including what to buy. That price is right. I switched over pretty easily with @glyn.hudson’s help on the top-end side.

I am a little reluctant to post on here as the process involves going in to the consumer unit which I don’t want untrained people doing. It’s to change signal wiring to the electricity meter so I will message you separately if you want it.

My system is here. It’s about as good as it get without switching out the heat pump, but I had a horror story on the trial and that’s another story.


Hey Sam, ah yes that’s a great guide.

I’m happy for it to be posted here, it will be fine with a suitable warning, we sell SDM120 meters in the shop. Would you prefer me to post it? It’s a shame for it not to be shared.

Hi Sam, you are correct! The system I looked at wasn’t terrible, but a lot of improvements to the settings, lagging etc were made after the install.

If you could send me the guide that would be amazing. I’ve fitted OEM before, but it’s not something I can do off the top of my head.

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Ooh is that for me Richard ?

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