Monitoring a BEIS Heat Pump

This guide is aimed at those heat pump monitoring systems installed as part of the BEIS Electrification of Heat Trial, where a Passiv Monitoring data logger was installed as part of the monitoring bundle. The guide will explain how to swap the Passiv monitoring over to the Open Energy Monitor package.
Here is the guide:
Heat Pump Monitoring switch BEIS EoH to OEM.pdf (635.1 KB)


The changes needed involve mains wiring. If you are not absolutely certain that you are competent to do this, you should enlist the help of a qualified tradesperson.


Thanks for writing this up @HydroSam

There’s a pull request I need to merge on the emonhub github that enables reading from the modbus output on the Sontex that reduces one of the steps Add optional support for per meter byte order and some additional per register configs. by l0ne5tar · Pull Request #205 · openenergymonitor/emonhub · GitHub I have used this for one customer and it’s working well. I will try and get on to merging this.

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