MySolar Divert App Setup

Having recently installed solar PV and a hot water diverter system at home I’ve been testing the MySolar Divert App developed by @mattjgalloway. It looks really great however I’m having some issues getting it to work correctly. Has anyone else successfully used My Solar PV divert?

MySolar PV app is working correct, the diverted energy is included in the ‘use’

My feeds monitoring solar, diverted power (hot water) and solar PV are all working correctly:

My Solar Divert setup, (I don’t yet have a wind turbine!)

The two main issues seem to be that the diverted power is not shown on the graph even though it’s shown on the tool tip and the house use is displayed negative on the tooltip even though the house use feed is never negative (see multi graph above).

IIRC the app takes a total “use” ie divert + other use as a single value, then removes the divert for “rest of house” so if you are supplying them separately eg 200w use and 700w divert, that makes 200-700= -500 “rest of house” use. Whereas 900w “total” use would be 900-700= 200 “rest of house” use.

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@pb66 is right. The “use” feed needs to be the total use and the divert is what of that is diverted. It’s done that way to be most consistent with the other solar PV app.

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Thanks a lot, it’s looking much better now :+1:

Nice work @mattjgalloway, SolarDivert app is really great :smiley:

What do you think about modifying the wording of “House Use” to be “Total Use (Including Diversion)”? I’m sure I’m not the only one to have fallen foul to this misunderstanding.

I’ve made a PR with the proposed wording change:

Screenshot of the proposed wording change:

Oh wow yes that is a good change - thanks! Hadn’t realised it said house use. Good spot.

Cool, changes have been merged. Thanks again for your help.

I’ve just noticed the description for the app mentions a historical bar graph view, I can see any way to access such a view, does it exist? If not I can edit the app description to remove the mention:

It’s there. Click “View history”. It’s the same as on the solar PV app.

Ah, interesting. That button seems to be missing from the current app. See screenshot. I’ll do some digging. This is probably due to the recent CSS changes connected to the new sidebar layout which is still in beta. I will ensure this is fixed before the sidebar changes are merged.

Oh that’s annoying. Let me know if you have trouble hunting down the problem - I might have some time to help look into it too.

Shouldn’t be an issue. We’ll get it fixed and make the history button in the same style as the current MySolarPV app:

I’ve opened an issue so this is not missed:

Ah excellent it’s up there now - great! Looks nice!

On what I hope is a related subject of setup, is it possible to use virtual feeds in the latest version? The reason for the enquiry is that I have feeds for the divert and for the rest of the house but not the required combined ‘total power’, so I have created it using virtual feeds. However, the app does not present the virtual feeds in the drop-down selector.


Buttons have been fixed, the changes are in the sidebar PR and will be merged into master and released with Emoncms V10 very soon

Sorry app modules do not yet support virtual feeds. You can make a non virtual feed using input processing e.g

Looks good and I will give it a try! Thanks for the swift response.
Many thanks.