BETA: New Emoncms V10 UI *Feedback Request*

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That could be a problem as an update will pull master for some Modules as they do not have a stable branch` (IIRC). Will a module with these changes work with a stable master branch?

I’m in a right mucky fuddle here. git thinks everything is a local change. grrrrr

Can’t even switch branches!

We’re aware of this, we will ensure any changes module (only a small change is required) don’t effect users running Stable Emoncms core

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For anyone else who may have an issue, I needed to do a git reset --hard to cure things. I didn’t have any other changes so it was not an issue for me.


Nice work, I’m not sure why this was required by maybe some other changes had taken place. Running git status before pulling is often a good idea to see what’s going on.

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First issue, in Dashboards, if I select a dashboard, the ‘All Dashboards’ shows selected as well.


If I click on the dashboard icon at the top, I’d expect it to navigate to the ‘Main’ dashboard without a second click (my dashboard ‘main’ is also the ‘main’ dashboard. Perhaps it should be renamed ‘Default’ on all dashboards view.


I wonder if Setup is the right menu name here.

I know traditionally it was called Setup but I am thinking perhaps the data handling items should be divorced from the system management. There was a degree of distinction before.

So Inputs, Feeds, Graphs & Visualisation (for what I have) in Data Management and the rest in a System menu?

My Account is possibly the least frequently used menu item yet it is available in 3 separate positions :smile:.

Does look good though and seems to work for me (on my DietPi setup).

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Thanks, that’s useful feedback. I’ve opened an issue, it will be fixed early next week:

Your right, Setup has now evolved. How about renaming “Setup” to “Menu” or “Emoncms”? It’s useful to have something there as a placeholder for the ‘X’ icon which is useful on mobile devices to close the menu.

My preference would be to keep everything in one menu for the moment since adding more levels of menu will increase the number of clicks required. This is defiantly something to be considered though, maybe a “system” menu could be added which would contain “admin”, “Backup”, “account” “find” “Wifi” etc

Good point! We’re aware of this, we want to eventually remove it from menu but figured we would do one step at a time. I think clicking the user profile is a good place for account (same as this Discouse forum). Maybe we could make the pop out tray at the button of the sidebar the location for the “System/Setup” menu as we discussed above to hide some of the more admin like menu items.

Thanks, this has been a large amount of work for @emrys :+1:

I’d suggest an extra icon along the top. You have already split out from a hierarchical hamburger menu by adding Dashboards and Apps, so you currently have a mixed UI already. Therefore adding a fourth icon in would seem the logical extension.

In many ways you have already added the number of clicks required.

On expired user session on a public dashboard, I get this in the top right corner:


Firstly, why does it say logout when it means login

Secondly, why the My Account menu item?

I’ve just become aware of this thread, when it was mentioned in the Graph Multi Axis thread. It’s rather long to read the whole thread before responding, so I haven’t and please accept my apologies if I’m duplicating anything.

First point, it’s suggested that I can try this beta by checking out beta-software onto my production emoncms system. Loading beta software onto a production system is not generally considered good practice and isn’t something I would generally do without a very good reason. It’s also a fair amount of hassle. Is the beta software available in a test installation on the web somewhere instead? That way I could just click on a link and try it.

Second, I’m not a big fan of sidebar menus, since they consume screen real-estate. I’ve come to accept the sidebar feed list in the graph module. What I normally do is keep the window width at 1023 so the feed list is hidden and the graph is as large as possible for the space allocated. I only need the feed list when I am setting up the graph initially. Reducing the cutoff width to 870 is a big backward step IMHO - can that width be made configurable? (on the admin page?). Ditto with the main menu. It’s a waste of space unless I’m actually using it - that’s why menus are popups! My typical use is to middle-click to open the new view in a new tab.

Third, the feed list shown in the first post seems to be missing various columns from the current feed list. How does the revised UI work? Same goes for inputs etc.

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You can check it out into any system you like. I run several VMs so I can do it in there. In practice (as I am not really that bothered about the historical data) I just used my main system. It is only cosmetic changes and I use master branch normally.

Click it again and it goes completely.

Are you running the beta features? Go to your account page and click on beta.

Use at your own risk - a script to checkout the sidebar branches but by changing the BRANCH you can go back to master branches (not all repos have a stable branch).

# emoncms updater script

printf "\nUpdate emoncms and switch to branch $BRANCH....\n"

printf "***** git -C $EMONCMS_DIR reset --hard *****\n"
git -C $EMONCMS_DIR reset --hard
printf "***** git -C $EMONCMS_DIR pull *****\n"
git -C $EMONCMS_DIR pull
printf "***** git -C $EMONCMS_DIR status *****\n"
git -C $EMONCMS_DIR status
printf "***** git -C $EMONCMS_DIR describe --tags *****\n"
git -C $EMONCMS_DIR describe --tags
printf "***** git -C $EMONCMS_DIR checkout $BRANCH *****\n"
git -C $EMONCMS_DIR checkout $BRANCH

for M in $EMONCMS_DIR/Modules/*
    if [ -d "$M/.git" ]; then
      printf "\nUpdate emoncms/$(basename $M)....\n"
      printf "***** git -C $M reset --hard *****\n"
      git -C $M reset --hard
      printf "***** git -C $M pull *****\n"
      git -C $M pull
      printf "***** git -C $M status *****\n"
      git -C $M status
      printf "***** git -C $M describe --tags *****\n"
      git -C $M describe --tags
      printf "***** git -C $M checkout $BRANCH *****\n"
      git -C $M checkout $BRANCH

Well, as long as that system is Debian-based. Of which I have none, apart from my production emonpi.

I’m sure it does, but how is having to click again a benefit over releasing the button on a popup menu?

I know you’re trying to help, but please read again what I wrote about running beta software on production systems.

Thanks, but I don’t want risk.

git is git whatever OS it is on.

Beta doesn’t really mean beta particularly more ‘new’ but YMMV (and I did read it BTW) and it simply answers why the columns are different!

Indeed, but emon-whatever isn’t.

Sorry, I don’t understand that?

So you have lost me there. If you have cloned the emoncms repo via git then you can switch to the sidebar branch no mater what base OS you are on. It is a function of git, nothing else.

The columns are different because the screenshot was taken with the beta features enabled which changes the layout of the Feed page (amongst other things).

emon-whatever will currently only run on a debian-based OS because it uses hard-coded paths and service names. Installing software is not the same as being able to run it, which is the useful part.

Yes, yes, I understand that. My question is why are they different? How do they work? Is there an appropriate section in guide or learn etc?

So nobody knows whether there is an online demo/test system where people can test these new features?

Natural progression.

No there isn’t.

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback we’ve tried to take everything onboard. Here’s the latest version of the sidebar development. As suggested by @borpin the main changes are:

  • Setup modules e.g Admin, wifi, backup etc have been moved to a setup menu (cog icon on the top right)
  • Bookmark feature has been added enabling any dashboard, app or any page to be bookmarked for easy single click access
  • Account functions (account, logout, bookmarks) are now in a single location

The ‘cog’ and profile account menu emulate this Discoure forum we are familiar with, many other apps also have these menus in the same locations.


Merging into the sidebar branch for each module was getting cumbersome, the latest changes are available as PR’s for each module. We plan to merge these changes into Master later next week. If you are very keen to test you can checkout each pull request. However, I recommend waiting until changes are merged into Master. If you don’t want these changes, yet I would recommend running Stable branch which is the recommended branch for production. The changes to Modules without a stable branch will be backwards compatible with the current Emoncms core V9. These new changes will be Emoncms V10

The sidebar can be collapsed (hidden) by clicking the burger icon (top left) if more screen space is needed. The sidebar will be automatically hidden on smaller screen sizes e.g mobile.

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