MySolar app with "diverted" reported separately

Over on the emoncms/app repo @mattjgalloway has proposed some changes/additions to accommodate those of us diverting our surplus “free” un-exported PV to an immesion water heater, battery charging etc etc.

I think it is a great idea as “diverted” energy never seems to fit comfortably in the “use” category as it is something we wish to maximise where as “use” is something we want to minimize, in the current MySolar App you have to choose between including it in “use” and on a hot summers day your “use” skyrockets or exclude it from “use” and it gets ignored as if it was exported, neither is useful for energy management.

What does anyone else think?


Very nice. I would use the same for diverted to car EVSE - but of course that’s not the same linear resistive load thingy, but still much the same visualisation. So, as long as the “Immersion” is just another feed (and the label editable, even if in the code) then I’m a happy camper.

The only change I would consider for my use is displaying some sort of “break even” level or threshold but I’m not too sure what that would mean even to me.

On the linked github discussion the name has been discussed and I believe a more generic “diverted” has replaced “immersion” now.

That’s right, it now says “diverted”. This is what it looks like (on my iPhone because I’m not at my laptop to send a screenshot of that):

I’m still tweaking it here and there.

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I like this a lot! Up until now I’ve been fudging the diverted totals by using the MyElectric app to work out how much I divert! EmonCMS is down for maintenance at the moment but any idea when this will make its way into the free site please? Thanks!