My Journey to an efficient ASHP

Hi Peter, which menu option does this (compressor frequency) fall under in the NIBE set-up?

From main screen hold the back button to get service menu to appear.

Enter the service menu which has the spanner logo.

5.1 Operating Settings->5.123 Compressor Curve.

Mine is set for -10 Max compressor & 2 Min compressor.

The HWS is on Auto.

Ah you mean the compressor curve.
Yeah I found it useful to adjust that setting too.

I’m sure the reason I had to change it manually is because the settings that influence the Auto function are incorrect. However I couldn’t find any information that detailed which settings these might be.

Glad you had already found the setting. It’s made a real difference to the compensated setpoint control.

Hello. I have been in touch with David for most of 2023 and my NIBE HP is functioning a lot better thanks to his guidance. Coincedentally, we were talking yesterday about manually changing the compressor curve to influence the maximum frequency, because there appears to be a rise in consecutive cycles (perhaps linked to the outside temperature falling slowly). David’s GSHP does not have that service menu option because his older model is “on/off”, not modulating. May I ask what sort of numbers you came up with in the manual setting? I have attached a screenshot from yesterday, the period that triggered the conversation. Thank you


I adjusted the temperature at which the compressor ramps up to max downwards to -10C with the slope adjusted to start a zeroC. So the rate at which the compressor ramps up is now very gentle and will very rarely or never reach the max value…

This twitter thread covers this change

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Thank you for the photo and note. Unfortunately, I have never signed up to the social media world so I cannot read your twitter thread. Is it publishes anywhere else?

No not posted elsewhere, but the thread doesn’t provide much additional information (just a little background) so you aren’t missing out on any key details. But you can probably still read that thread without having to sign up to Twitter-X

Understood. Thank you again

Hi, the only nibe recommended way of setting up two climate systems (rad and UFH) is to use smo-40 with ecs 40 or 41 add ons for UFH.

Ive started with smo-20 and there was no way to set the system correctly.