Mqtt inputs not uploading to

My local EmonCMS on a Raspi-3 (latest emonSD image) receives inputs directly from RFM69 nodes and also from Openhab on another Raspi via mqtt. All these are received and displayed correctly under Inputs in the local EmonCMS.

I wish to log all the data to rather than locally and have set up an account and entered my api key. The RFM69 nodes are showing correctly in but the mqtt sourced nodes do not show up at all. Configuration so far is pretty much as per the default downloaded image.

I have searched the documentation and forum but cannot find any help with this. I feel I must be missing some configuration somewhere.

For background info, I have recently relocated from the UK to the US and building a completely new Raspi/Emonpi installation (my old one used 868 rfm12B). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rephrasing the above question with more info - I have Emoncms version ‘low-write 9.7 | 2016.05.25’ installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 and all working ok. However, inputs posted to the Raspi via Mqtt on base topic ‘emon’ show up correctly in my local Emoncms inputs page but are not posted on to

Other inputs from EmonTH nodes show in both my local Emoncms and in

Is this the expected behavior?

Hi Jim,

Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm that other MQTT inputs posted to the emon/ mqtt topic don’t get forwarded onto even though they appear in local Emoncms inputs.

The reason for this is that it’s emonHub service that reads the data from the emonPi, and then posts the data to MQTT and remote emoncms only publishes data to the ‘emon’ mqtt topic it does not subscribe to allow mqtt inputs posted from external sources to remote emoncms.

See diagram:

A way round this would be to use MQTT to read the data from the MQTT messages and post to remote emoncms using Emoncms nodeRED node. I have created an issue on emonHub github so this issue can be addressed in the future:

Thank you Glyn for your explanation. From the diagram, it does look as though Emoncms remote has been left behind as Mqtt has become the central broker for data exchange. Until this is updated I will take up you suggestion and explore Node-Red. I would just also like to take this opportunity to thank you and you colleagues at OEM for all the work you have put into this project. It has certainly inspired me over the last couple of years and many others I’m sure.

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I have a similar requirement and would like to add my interest for an emoncms solution

I’m using a self hosted version 9.7.8 of emoncms on a raspberry pi2 installed with emonSD.
My household power consumption is monitored with a Brultech ECM1240 (hardware).
The ECM1240 communicates with BTmon (software) via TCPIP (in my case but serial is also supported)
BTmon is installed on the same rPi2 that was loaded with emonSD.
BTmon can post data directly to emonCMS or to MQTT and several other interfaces.
My configuration has the direct to emonCMS disabled and MQTT enabled.
The data from the ECM1240 shows up just fine in the local emoncms
I would like to be able to post the ECM1240 data to as well even if
I had to re-“post to MQTT” to a different topic from the local emoncms input.

In the interim, can anyone point me to a script or recipe in nodered to get the data from MQTT to

I would recommend using Emoncms nodeRED node to post MQTT to

NodeRED is build into all recent emonSD builds that is included with the emonPi.