Monitoring RS485 electricity meters - localy and remotely


I would like to monitor eight electricity meters. It is for an office building where the owner should be able to receive the monthly consumption in order to invoice the eight tenants.
The idea is to use 8 electricity meters with RS485 modbus connected to an EmonPi. The meters are MID certified and are a reference in case data is lost.

For now I am able to run a Nodered flow that reads Modbus and publish to MQTT. This works fine, the inputs are here and I am able to create feeds. Nice.

My next step was to get the data logged remotely. This is required to provide an easy access to the owner and it is also important to sync the data if the EmonPI Internet connection is down for a while. However I have discovered that it is not possible.

So I tried to use the sync module instead but it looks like it is not possible to upload data to
So I setup a second Raspberry Pi running emoncms but I am no able to sync anything.

I am wondering if my approach is correct and I am stuck now. What would be the best method to have data coming from Modbus RS485 logged locally AND remotely ?

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EDIT : I have read this in a post.

The advantages of using the socket interfacer to the emonhub rather than just putting it straight into the emoncms are:

  • emonhub will buffer these messages so if the emoncms server is down the data will then be sent once the emoncms recovers
  • the data is also published to MQTT and so can be used in node-red flows.
  • the data can also be published to the secondary emoncms servers or configured in the emonhub configuration

Could somedody confirm if this is correct ? Because it would mean that it’s definitely the way to publish data from the electricity meter for my application.

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