Monitoring outside temperature with EmonHP without EmonTx

Hi. I have EmonHP level 3 heatpump monitoring pack installed on my heatpump. When I ordered it EmonTx was out of stock. I live in Bulgaria and ordering EmonTx is a little bit expensive for me because of postal and customs cost. Is there any way to use emonhp and monitor ouside temperature?

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You can push an external temperature value into emoncms from almost any source. Do you have Node-RED or HomeAssistant installed? It makes it easier if you do. What sort of skill level do you have?

My skill level is very basic. I don’t have home assistant or Node-RED installed…I was thinking about using a modbus temperature and humidity sensor and reading it with available emonhp interfacer?

I don’t know of anything that does not need some intermediate step to format the data correctly for emoncms to take as a Input/Feed.

@TrystanLea - I doubt this will be the only user with this need. Could a simple systemd service be developed to access the free OpenWeather API and push the data to a Feed I wonder?

Bit like how the Agile pricing data is pulled into that App (although I think that happens on demand rather than create a Feed).

Glyn wrote a simple python script to get the outside temperature from OpenWeather API.
I do the same for my system, and find it to be close enough to my own local readings.

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Sorry for my stupid question, but how to run this script periodically with emoncms?

Hello @Ivailo_Stefanov are you logging the data to We should be able to set this up for you if that’s the case.

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Yes, I am, but can you give me some directions to give it a try and if i can’t do it will ask you for help?

@Timbones - I see you said you’d made some mods. Could you submit it to the GitHub - emoncms/usefulscripts: Some useful scripts for administering Emoncms accounts Repo?

Suggest a new folder.

If you trigger from a systemd service, that would be useful to include :slight_smile:

We currently use metoffice as our weather data source using

We can set this up for you, it’s included in the emonhp bundle. Please could you message me your location and username?


Perhaps add to the docs that an external temp can be done on, the emonHP needs a section in the docs of its own.

I’m not clear what the emonHP actually consists of and especially if there is any Hardware connected to the Pi (internally).

There is a field on the emonHP order page to enter the installation postcode, we use this to generate weather data:

Screenshot from 2023-01-23 12-55-02

I think the issue in this instance is the OP is outside of the UK, so we will need to use lat, long instead of UK postcode to provide the data.

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That’s great :slight_smile:
My username is Ivailostefanov

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