Sending sensor value from HomeAssistant to emoncms

I have a Switchbot outdoor thermometer (and OpenWeatherMap integration) in Home Assistant. What’s the simplest way to pass the temperature value from one of those over to my emonHP/Emoncms, please?

I dont know.

You can use the emoncms integration to do this (configure in YAML), the mqttstatestream integration, an automation to post the state to MQTT, or use the Node-RED add-on and post to MQTT that way.

Just depends what else you have used/done before which is the simplest to you.

All it needs is for the MQTT base topic to be emon.

Thank you. I found the integration for pushing values from HA… Emoncms History - Home Assistant (


How do I find/select a “dedicated, not used before” inputnode, please?

On the Emoncms Inputs page, if I click each of the “log” icons it displays a graph and the URL has an integer. e.g. /graph/11
They appear to currently range from 10 to 19.
The two “kWh” ones I have added are assigned 21 and 22.

Is it important to select the next available integer or could I opt to start imported inputs from a higher range? e.g. 201, 202, etc.

EDIT: Just spotted the API help… Emoncms - input api

The node parameter can be an unquoted string e.g: emontx or a number e.g: 10.

Home Assistant seems to insist on an integer. I have tried a string with single and double quotes.

Initially opted for an integer which worked fine, but thought I would amend it to make the grouping label in Emoncms more obvious.

The integration needs some updates, but that is a bit tricky.

It was written before node IDs could be text so it expects an integer.

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Just to add to this thread, is there a way to export the feed to two different systems via the integration?, I have a local heat pump monitor and an account on and ideally would love to send the data to both if possible.

That might be the Sync pages? http://LOCAL-IP/sync/view/feeds

I believe mine is pre-configured to upload to an emoncms instance that I don’t yet have access to, due to my installer ordering the bundle and supplying his account credentials, but I don’t see where in my local instance of emoncms the configuration to send to that instance exists.