Module temperature in freezing conditions

I was wondering, I have the v4.21 populated by jlcpcb.
The thermistor measuring “internal module temperature” has a operating range of -45 +125. Does this also mean that when temp drop below zero Celcius, that the graph will show that negative value too? Or is the minimum on that 0 degrees?

DIYBMS will report temperatures down to -40, heres one user running at “-8”.


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it will go well below zero degrees. I hit mine with an inverted air duster can spray thingy and it went to -16 or thereabouts.

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Thanks! I wasnt sure, we hit freezing (only just) last nights, but I had not seen the modules below zero.
Gues the shed is pretty isolated as is, so maybe no need for heated pads after all :slight_smile: