Migration to new forum

Glyn, it would be good if could you share the roadmap for migrating to the new forum pls.

How fast are you wanting this process to take place, ie. is it to be a natural & timely process where members gradually drift to the new forum.
Or are you wanting Moderators to try and accelerate this process through active promotion, signposting & linking from the old to the new forum.

Many members may be a little resistant to change, as the old forum is familiar (and got to say - easier to navigate??) so the concern is that without prompts, the migration may be slow.

How can we help?



Hi Paul,

My rough plan of action is to:

  • Get the new forum ready (see below)

  • Send out an bulk email to all 9K+ users the top 100 users of the old forum inviting them to the new forum. If users choose to join using the link on the invitation email then they will gain (slightly) elevated privileges so they will not have to endure the painful restricts of being at Trust Level 0.

  • At the same time (or a bit before) publish a blog post and pinned forum posts onto the old forum alerting users to the change.

Once started we should try and make the migration swiftly to avoid concurrent threads. I propose freezing the old forum as soon (or within 24 hrs) or sending out email invitations.

What do you think to this plan?

Getting thread new forum ready:

I have been working with yourself, the other early adopters and @moderators of the new forum to flesh out the categories get thing working in a way we’re happy with. It’s much easier to make changes such as move around categories without lots of users!

I now feel like the new forum is now pretty much ready for action. Does everyone agree?

What do you think of creating placeholder topics on the new forum for key posts as @bidouilleur suggested? I think this is a good idea, however it’s very labour intensive! I personally don’t really want to spend hours copy and pasting. The old forum will always be there to reference and search. This is something to be said for starting with a clean slate

One final thing admin I would like to do is to enable HTTPS on the new forum before inviting everyone since this procedure may results in some downtime. I will try and get around to this over the weekend.

Thanks again for your help.

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Looking better by the day. Go for it.

No sense in making more work than necessary. As you said, the old site will still be there, and with time, the new site will pick up where the old one left off.

I like the clean slate idea. Post a notice on the old forum telling the users when the switch is to be made, and that when the switch is made, the old forums will be frozen. Probably best to keep that delay to an absolute minimum to avoid the duplcation you spoke of.

Agree with above. Keep the period in between short or it’ll go quickly messy and nobody will know where is a post or where to follow new posts. Some will resist as usual but if the mail for migration is easy to follow and on old forum there are nice redirects posted with a clear explanation … we will have already enough on hands to keep this place clean and help everyone with new ‘habits’ …

Also swap to https before migration as cookies/cache on local computers will be broken if they were made http and you swap to https … no need to add a second burden with potential readers loss.

As said will be away till Sunday afternoon since I hop to Paris for a meeting.

Read you on Sunday

Sounds like a plan!
I agree with your comments, and also as Eric has said, keeping the changeover short to avoid it going messy or losing momentum.
Also prefer the ‘clean slate’ approach.

Like Eric, I’m not around much this weekend (working on Tour de Yorkshire 2016).


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Nice… I thought that was canceled due to unseasonal snow! It snowed here last night. This was the drive home from work https://mobile.twitter.com/glynhudson/status/725785853688209409. Crazy weather

Really sorry about the weather Glyn, all my fault.
I now realize that it was a big mistake to advertise my car for sale!


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Now HTTPS has been enabled and little bugs ironed out, do you all agree it’s time to make the switch later on this week? I will get a blog post up beginning of the week and post a notice on the old forum.

Unless there are other issues, sounds like it’s time to switch.

Hi Glyn
For what its worth, the new forum is out there in the public domain so it might be worth freezing the old forum sooner rather than later.


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seems it is now ok, did some hopping around the forum and it stays secure and when I manually set http://community.openenergymonitor.org, it switches automatically to https

shouldn’t be far away coming week and week end.

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I agree - Pull the switch!!


Yes agree, sooner rather than later!



Another vote for switching to the new site/freezing the old one now. Lest we start swimming in yet another sea of confusion!

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Blog post is live detailing the forum changes. I have set a date of this Thursday 5th May to make the shift.

I’m gonna take a little break now, If anyone is able to post the info onto the old forum, that would be great. If not I’ll try and do it tonight.

Also need to look at how to send out a mass invite email…


I copied the info to the old forum. Here’s what we’ve got:
+++IMPORTANT+++ New Forum, Blog and User Guide Website | Archived Forum

Thanks a lot, much appreciated. :slight_smile: . Do you think the changes are explained clearly in my post?

Once the old forum is “frozen” and becomes a static site will we still be able to log in and view PM’s?

If as I expect, we are not able to log in then we should at least let users know this will be the case and probably delay the final freeze to give users more than a couple of hours to make backups etc.

Although the site will be static I assume we will still be able to edit content i.e. guides and the “building blocks” etc so maybe the logins should be kept functional??