Migrate emonHP SD card to SSD

I have managed to get an image of the SD card on to an ssd, but fails to run as it looks as if it is trying to mount a filing system (mmcblk0p1 etc) which I believe is the SD card slot. Is there a file that needs to be edited to set this to the USB block device?

Also what is the emonHP root password?

Welcome, Nigel, to the OEM forum.

This might help you with the password:

(The default emonPi password is here: Connect — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation )

If not, you’ll need to ask Trystan or Glyn directly, for the reasons given in the first link.

The change to read the USB drive is probably a question for @TrystanLea .


Did you use a migration tool?

I used raspberry pi sd card copier, but that would only copy the first two partitions.I then used DiskGenius to backup the third partition and restore it to the part copied disk. This appear to have worked but failed as the ssd was on the usb block device and the software references block devices associated with the sd card slot. I also checked the image on an sd card, this also failed on accessing something on the third partition.
It would be good to be able to backup the sd card with some simple software. I’ll keep trying.