emonHP access via SSH

I bought the emonhp recently and tried to access via ssh but the password is not working in my case. → access denied. What can I do? is there a way to reset the password?

I’ll send you a DM with the SSH details


@glyn.hudson - is it different to the default password for the emonSD?

Yes - I took it up with Glyn in a PM. I suggested something needs to be documented to make that clear, even though he doesn’t want the password to be generally known.

This HeatpumpMonitorPi, which isn’t the same thing, apparently does use the same password as the standard Shop SD card/download.

Yes it is

That would be useful to add to the documentation and if a different build, might be an idea to add that to the downloads page.

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Can you please share the default SSH credentials, having all kinds of issues getting this installed cause half the accesses I am finding are not available.