Login details for local EMONCMS (second hand purchase)

Hi All, I just bought a second hand EmonPi. Connected it to home ethernet and powered it on. I browse to the IP address shown and I see an econcms login screen with prompts for username and password.
I have been to https://emoncms.org/ and registered an account there, but the local emoncms on the emonpi isnt accepting those details.
How do I get beyond this screen??

Hi and welcome.

I suggest you flash a new image on the SDCard or buy a new preloaded card from the shop.

You can reset the user (I need to look up how - it’s in the docs somewhere), but as you don’t really know how long the card has been in use, nor the age of it I’d suggest a new one.

If you are happy it is a reasonably unused card, I suggest a new image so you can start from scratch.

Follow the first part of this - no need to do the export/import part. emonSD Download — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

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To clarify -the logins have NO relationship between emoncms.org and a local . emonPi neither username, nor password.

Rather than
A) the hassle of finding the username/pwd on your emonPI (which may be impossible eg if the seller has forgotten / won’t tell you):
B) some non-standard code on the box, that could be a security threat n ypur network - or at least, cause weird bugs later on

It’s much better practise to start afresh with a clean install, as Brian suggests .

Thanks for the quick and really helpful replies. So I took a torx bit to my emonPi and fished out the SD card (why dont emon put a spring loaded SD slot on their piggy back board?) and it is a 16GB industrial San Disk.
Downloaded balena etcher to my windows laptop and downloaded the latest image file from emon (emonSD-10Nov22.img) BUT balena is telling me the image file is too big to fit on the card. From the emon forum on balena,(Using Etcher tool to flash emonSD image to SD card - #7 by Jon) it seems you dont have to format an SD card with a preexisting image on it, but who knows.
Anyway, I’m not looking for support with Balena etcher here. I took the lazy route and bought a preloaded card.
Thanks for the help again.

good luck with it!

@TrystanLea This is the second or third time I’ve seen this reported. It seems the image needs to be shrunk. Maybe all 16 GB SD cards are not the same size?

Ok, resize in progress :slight_smile:

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I’ve uploaded a version that has a slightly smaller data partition to fit on all three 16gb cards I had here to test with, the download link is available here: emonSD Download — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation in place of the original emonSD-10Nov22 image. It downloads as (emonSD-10Nov22_16gb.zip)

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I just had a crack at it, and Balena Etcher didnt complain - so all good!

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