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Continuing the discussion from Hello World - Discourse forum testing sandbox:

A nice feature of the new forums is the ability to “Reply as Linked Topic” this creates a new topic linked to the original topic. A nice tool for when a discussion starts to go off topic

It doesn’t seem to work for me, not sure why?
From a post in Sandpit I selected;
+Reply as Linked Topic
and created another post in Sandpit, but can’t see any link between the two…


I didn’t follow all of the links but are you looking for this (see image)?:

or this?:

Jon, neither of those.

It’s nothing to do with ‘Linked topic example - Mobile view’ - that’s just the post thread where I’ve alerted you to the issue.

You need to follow the links, which point to 2 posts in ‘Sandpit’ which should be linked, but don’t appear to be.


It seems like it works. When I clicked on +Reply as Linked Topic it created my new topic with a link back to your last post.

the new topic is: My test of “Reply as Linked Topic”

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Oh I see, it creates the first paragraph with the link within, ie;
Continuing the discussion from …

Don’t know how I missed that!


I had to try it a few times to understand it. Once I figured it out, it then became “intuitive” :grinning:

I cannot see the ‘+ Reply as Linked Topic’ any more. Am I looking in the wrong place or has it gone?

It did get moved a while back, it’s now found by clicking the share button.

Hi @pb66, Thanks that works. Shame it has been hidden away :frowning: