LibreOffice doc test

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Sandpit_test.odt (8.4 KB)

Yup that worked, Robert, though I got a Word error message saying file could not be opened because of problems with the contents (“the file is corrupt and cannot be opened”), then an “if you trust source, click yes” message, whereupon the file opens OK in Word.

Hmm… Whilst LibreOffice happily reads, and can when asked generate documents in the various MSWord formats, I didn’t know that, and thought Word wouldn’t, even read .odt documents.

A Windoze version LIbreOffice exists as a free download (32 & 64-bit)

Tempis sure Fugits when yer havin’ fun! :grin: :wink:

MS Weird has had the ability to read .odt files since 2010.


This shows when I got a machine with Windoze 8 on it. :cold_sweat: :sob:
It got wiped after about 2 days - immediately after I’d downloaded Ubuntu.