kWh this day --> Feedvalue

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I’m trying to get a value for ‘today’s running kWh total’ from two feeds combined.

Using graphs gives me totals for previous days, but not the current day’s running total.

Is there some way to extract a value into a virtual feed perhaps?

I’m trying to get this running daily kWh on a dashboard as a feedvalue widget.


I’ve broken my emonCMS install. Woop!

  • I created a Schedule called ‘5AM_reset’ and entered 5:00-5:01 into the expression box.
  • I created a Virtual Feed ‘daily_kWh’ adding two FINA power to kWh feeds together, and then added the Schedule process ‘if Schedule true, then Zero’.
  • The Feeds view page no longer loads!

Snapshot of Inputs page:

I deleted the Schedule and it’s recovered the feeds page.

Tried is again and broke it a second time, recovered it again.

A different angle is needed…

I can’t get Schedules to work at all now.

I try a time range which should return true for the present moment, I get this instead:


Shall I log this on github?