kWh this day --> Feedvalue

I’m trying to get a value for ‘today’s running kWh total’ from two feeds combined.

Using graphs gives me totals for previous days, but not the current day’s running total.

Is there some way to extract a value into a virtual feed perhaps?

I’m trying to get this running daily kWh on a dashboard as a feedvalue widget.


Excellently done again @TrystanLea.

The widget has an ‘offset’ value in hours (from midnight) so it’s possbile to define what time of day the reset occurs. This time is taken from the browser.

I think it requires a power-to-kWh feed.

I’ve built on Trystan’s new widget, and made another widget to compare today’s kWh accumulation to the same day last week.

Just ironing out a refresh issue between the two widgets, because their both doing something called feed.get_value and it’s being refreshed at each slight change, hogging the browser.
Something @emrys could nail is a minute probably :slight_smile:

Gamification of energy saving is the aim.

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Hi, I’m just wondering how I use this widget on the online version of EmonCMS. Thank you.

Hi Scott,
The addition hasn’t been pushed to yet. I’ll look into it.

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Thank you. Ideally it would be great to have a feedvalue widget for cumulative values that could have a configuration for time periods i.e. today, yesterday, this week, last week, month, year etc.

Hi, so this is already on the list. There are a few design ideas for it… this widget has legs.

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Thank you so much. Looking forward to it! Let me know if you would like help with the design ideas.

Cheers. I’ve sketchup up a couple of ideas.

I spotted your pie chart idea. Looks good.

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Thanks Dan,

I was actually just thinking of text originally. I’m trying to replicate the daily accumulation info from the My Solar app. I do like the slider with the last month though.

Another ‘nice to have’ would be conditional text like the IMPORTING/EXPORTING title on the My Solar app. Not sure how that one is done though.

This is a screenshot of the dashboard I’m currently building. Going with the theme you have with the last month/week indicator, you could use the current dial graphic with a static needle and number with a title.


Pie Charts would be great if you’re able to do something with that.

Thank you.

Linking in the WIP:

Here’s a PR for when you have time to look.


Thanks @danbates

@emrys msged me saying he’d take a look. We can bring it into master some time early this week if you like?
Documentation… I’ll leave the pdf here and trust someone can search for it for now. Ideally a link on the widget config page I was thinking, not sure how to add text or a link to the widget config box, but no rush.

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