Is emonsd compatible with other development boards?

I have acquired an orange pi one development board, and wanted to know if emonsd supports this development board or another.
Or if emonsd is only compatible with raspberry pi.
Thank you.

Hi Juan,

Did you managed to get Orange Pi working with emonsd? I’m also interested on make it work…

I think the answer will be no, or at least highly undesirable.

While the boards are similar they have a different chipset and it is different enough for it not to work at all or if it does it will lose most of its performance.

AFAIK, emonSD doesn’t do anything that’s chipset dependent. i.e. the chipset shouldn’t be an issue.
If it were, there’d be a problem between Raspberry Pi versions, as the Pi2 and Pi3 chipsets are different.

This thread: Howto prepare a BananaPI R1 (BPI-R1) for EMONCMS, Freeboard and others shows it’s possible to use at least one other make of SBC to run an SD card based version of emonCMS on.

EMONCMS will run on other boards, but using the default emonSD is a different matter.

The link you provided shows they use a different version of the base OS. emonSD is based on Raspberrium which is specifically built to support all version of the RPi. Also, if I remember correctly the Banana Pi is much closer to the RPi than is the Orange Pi.

Raspberrium? Hmm, never heard of that :wink:
Freudian slip for Raspbian?

Sorry, you are correct.