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iOS app release

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stable enough to release
guess there will be more bugs coming in so be prepared :spy:

Hi Matt,

I also appreciate iOS App release. I’m looking forward to make my own experiences.
I tried to test the app but did not succeed to compile and install it on my iPhone.
My developer account and certificates should be in place.
Is there a how-to available somewhere you could recommend?
Alternatively, when do you expect the app to be released by Apple?


Yup! It’ll be great!

Hmm interesting. What happened?

Soon. I’ll submit it today if I get a chance, or if not then tomorrow.

But if you give me your Apple ID then I can add you to TestFlight and you can get it now!

Hi folks! I am interested into test the app too. Thanks!

No need to add users to test anymore, app is released to public itunes :smile:

App requires iOS 10.x but I am still at 9.3 as there is no 10.x support for my iPhone. Is there any possibility to release version supporting 9.x iOS devices ? Thanks.

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What iphone are you using? The app has been tested on a 5c. I’m assuming your using an older device?

must be a iPhone 4S. That is the only phone what works with iOS 9.3.x but does not work with iOS 10.x.

Hi, yes it is 4S and iPad mini 1. They both will stay at 9.3. and will not receive new iOS 10.x :-((
Are there any sw dependence which stops you release emoncms app for 9.3. If so, do not care about my request. There was idea to use my older iPad/iPhone as onwall device for emoncms monitoring.

There are a few things I’m using that are iOS 10 only. Mainly because it’s so much easier often. I’ll look again at what those things are and see if I can drop using them.

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Good night,

-Yesterday I configured the iOS app, I can read correctly the feeds I configured MyElectric correctly but when I enter MyElectric I got an error: Couldn’t connect.
-Today when I enter into MyElectric the App crashes. I don’t understand I have made no changes.

Iphone 5
iOS 10.2.1
App Version 1.0 (12)

Hope it helps.
Nice job!

Sorry to hear your having issues, could you grab a screen shot illustrating the issue and if possible turn on crash reporting;

  • In Settings, tap Privacy.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap Diagnostics & Usage.
  • tap the Share With App Developer switch to enable crash reporting

Hy Glyn,

I have eneabled crash reporting for future issues, but today it’s working correctly. Yesterday i had problems showing kwh on emoncms too (see this topic). Perhaps it need 24 hours of data to work well?

This is my iOS screen today:

I cans send you yesterday crash log if you are interested, I don’t know if it contains private data or i can paste it here.


Yes, this is a known bug with MyElectric, I will feedback to @TrystanLea

I configured the iOS app, I can read correctly the feeds… I configured MyElectric correctly but when I enter MyElectric I got an error: Couldn’t Connect.
Where is error? :frowning: :frowning:

Please could you provide some more details. Are you trying to connect to or another emoncms server?

Have you scanned the QR code to setup?

It’s highly likely this is because you don’t have a full day of data yet. I really need to make this error message better - or better, detect it explicitly and work around it.

I’ve been meaning to get a new release out at some point, but I’ve just not had the time :-(.


Tris is error

Screenshot my app :frowning: