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iOS app release

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Tris is error

Screenshot my app :frowning:

Feed is correctly and funtionally

Have you had a full day of data yet? 0.02kWh sounds like maybe not?

Hi, arduino there is in test…Ct is not connect to grid home

Sorry for my english :wink:

Up :wink: :wink:

Oh sorry, I missed this!

Is it working at all yet? If not, can you try again in the app, and then go to the Settings tab and “Submit Feedback”. That’ll send me the logs and I can more easily take a look at what’s going on.

Hi, i send you log with email

hi, uppppp

So sorry, I thought I had replied but maybe that was to someone else? Could you send logs again please from the app as I don’t have any left in my inbox to respond to.

I user contacted me recently with an issue that the ios app is reading “Today” Kwh incorrect:

See the comparison with, the correct “today” reading should be 25.7kWh. Interestingly the ios graph is correct, it’s just the “today” reading that not:

I’m not a ios user therefore I’m not super familiar with the app, any idea what we could be missing?

Thanks for working on this app! Looks very good. I am slowly learning coding one day I will assist! :slight_smile: