Problems configuring MyElectric, no kwh graphic

Hi all,

I am setting up this configuration at home:

-Raspberrypi with emonpi running emoncms as data server
-Arduino mega + ethernet shield + emontx shield sending data to emoncms

Emoncms version: low-write 9.7.8 | 2016.11.10
Self hosted in a prebuilt emonSD-07Nov16 (Linux 4.4.26-v7+)

The data is received correctly by the emoncms, I have configured 3 feeds, power, voltage and kwh. I set up MyElectric with Power and kwh feeds but kwh datas isn’t showing well. What I am doing wrong?


Thanks in advance.

Good morning, today I checked and it’s working well, perhaps it need a minimum of 24h registering to show kwh.

Yea, this is a known issue. Sorry for the the hassle, I will report the bug to @TrystanLea

Kwh Use displays zero until first 24hrs has past · Issue #15 · emoncms/app · GitHub