Input shown as inactive in but not in local emoncms

I have an emonpi and emontx logging energy. One input (pulsecount) on emonpi is shown as inactive in the input list in but is active in local emoncms. Screen shots below.

I am running Emoncms, Version low-write 9.7.8 | 2016.11.10. and using a Pre-built emonSD 07Nov16 image and the Server OS is Linux 4.4.26-v7+.
I haven’t changed any code other than setting up input processes and feeds using the emoncms graphical interface. This took a lot of ‘playing’ to get what I wanted, first in the local emoncms and then replicated in Along the way quite a few feeds have been created and deleted. The feed was originally active and I dont know at what point it became inactive or what I did to make it so.
How can I get the input active again please?

Hi Andrew - You may have the same issue I had. On the Inputs page is Node 5 Key 11 counting up? Like the pulsecount normally would?

If yes, read thru this topic:

Actually Jon, I think the answer will be yes, but not for the same reason as the MQTT issue on local emoncms.

@andrew1 at some point I’m guessing you have renamed input “11” as “pulsecount” and when the next payload has arrived the input api wasn’t able to find a input called “11” and created a new input.

The way the data is posted from the emonPi to a remote emoncms is via the bulk upload api which uses CSV not named inputs (eg MQTT topics or key value pairs).

To fix this you will need to delete input “11” and then rename “pulsecount” back to “11”, and you need to do all that before the next payload arrives and creates another “11”. So either wait until the next update and then you have 30secs before the next update to do both parts, or you can stop emonhub on the emonpi, or even temporarily extend the posting interval from 30secs to a couple of minutes to give yourself time.

Jon and Paul, thank you. Your combined explanations were very helpful.
The first thing I did was log input 11 to a feed using Wh Accumulator to check that this was indeed the ‘missing’ input. When the battery is well charged import from the grid is of the order of 1 Wh every few hours. The pulse count increased as in the local emoncms.
I then deleted input “11” but failed the first time to rename “pulsecount” to “11” in time. However, I then deleted the new “11” that was created during my lack of speed and all is now well.
Thank you both.