How to mirror from local EmonCMS to

I’ve got a EmonCMS running locally, and want to “mirror” this on I think like this should be easy, but can’t find any guidance, although this is similar.

I looked for ‘exporting’ a feed (by adding a process to my feed) on my local install which would post to Didn’t find anything like that in the list of processes.

I considered installing EmonHub. However, for my system it is unnecessary since the Arduino temperature sensors publish to MQTT and EmonCMS reads that directly.

Is it correct I have to use EmonHub to publish to Or is there another way?

Hi Brett, there is no easy way to do what you want and even installing emonhub isn’t going to help you.

The way MQTT was implemented in the emonPi variant of emonHub it is not intended for subscribing to local MQTT and distributing to all emoncms(s). The MQTT “interfacer” only passes on what arrives via serial/RFM “interfacers” to a local emoncms (or remote if it has MQTT which does not), it is effectively just a “reporter” not an “interfacer”.

It should have been possible for emonHub to subscribe to local MQTT topics and then forward them to both the local and the remote emoncms(s) via either HTTP or MQTT, that is how emonHub was intended to work prior to the “emonPi variant”

I’m guessing node-red would be your best bet now.