Emoncms local to Emoncms Remote?

Hi guys, i will aquire the emonpi and i know it have a local app called emoncms.
First i want to know if is possible create a remote database and connect this local app to this database. If not possible, can i access the local database to manipulate data ?

EmonHub, which is also part of your emonPi software and receives the data from your sensor nodes, will send the data onwards to the local emonCMS, or to a remote emonCMS, or to both. The latest version also has Node-RED and OpenHAB installed - see the [User Guide] (https://guide.openenergymonitor.org).

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I saw that Node-Red works like a coding with graphic flows. Can i send informations fromnode-redNode-Red http webservice ?My main interesting is manipulate data and sent to another database.

I have never needed to use Node-RED, so I cannot answer this. @Paul can possibly answer this.

Yes using HTTP node it’s possible to create a HTTP request to send data to any service using node-red. There are plenty of examples online.

NodeREd is pre-installed on the emonPi with an example to read emonPi power data from MQTT, you can then forward onto any service. Quite a few services have pre-built nodeRED nodes to make posting even easier.

See emonPi nodeRED documentation:

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Glyn has just beaten me!
But yes, as @glyn.hudson has posted.


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Thanks you very much for explanation. I am live in Brasil, can i buy emonPI from here ? How much is shipping?

Sure, shipping to Brazil is no problem. The shop checkout has a built in shipping cost calculator. Shipping cost is based on weight and service required.

Cool. A last question: i need measure 4 phases (330v) the emonPI can do it?

no, emonpi can only measure single phase AC using clip-on CT sensors