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Home Assistant Integration

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So I’ve had emonCMS for a few years. I’ve recently upgraded it to the latest Oct 19 16GB image and its running perfectly. I’ve also recently (last week) discovered Home Assistant!

I’m trying to work out the best way to integrate the two and I wanted to get some feedback. From what I can see I have three options:

  1. Use the emonCMS integration in Home Assistant.
  2. Get the emonHUB MQTT broker to push to the HA MQTT broker like all my Sonof Tasmota smart plugs do.
  3. Get the HA MQTT broker to subscribe to the emubHUB MQTT broker.

1 seems to be the obvious choice but I wanted to see what other people are doing? Are there advantages and disadvantages to each of the above?

I should add I am running HA on its own Raspberry PI 4 Model B separate to the emonCMS emonPI unit and I want to keep emonCMS logging its own data as well as publishing to or subscribing from HA.


Depends what you want in terms of data and what you are going to do with it.

This gives you access to all the emoncms Feeds

This gives you Raw data.

If you publish anything to MQTT from the emoncms input processing this is better than 2. Create a ‘bridge’ between the 2 Brokers.

1 is probably the best.

Great, thank you for your response. I’ve gone with 1 and it was simple to set-up and get working. I have all 4 sensor readings in Home Assistant now.

Thanks again.

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A screen shot of it running on my iPhone in home assistant.

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