Can I make this work? (Integration with existing system)

This is my first post so I’m hoping my question makes sense!

The property I have moved into has a PV system they key parts of which are the panels, an optimmersion controller and a wattson monitor.

The mains supply and PV clamps appear to connect directly to the optimmersion unit - although wireless transmitters were supplied with the orignal installation (for the wattson monitor) they were not needed as the wattson monitor talks to the Optimmersion controller over RF

So my question is (I got there in the end) can I use the raspberrypi solution with this set up or do I need to effectively start again?

Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

Welcome, Dave, to the OEM forum.

I presume by “raspberrypi solution” you can mean either a Raspberry Pi working as a network server running emonCMS, or an emonPi energy monitor also running emonCMS.

If you can intercept and interpret the radio traffic between the Wattson monitor and the Optimmersion, then you can.

We know a little about the Wattson wired output - a search will throw up a few links, but it remains to find out how the data is sent by radio, and to find a suitable receiver.

If nobody here knows that, and the Modbus wired interface isn’t there or is impractical, then it does indeed look as if you need to duplicate at least the monitoring functions, if not the control.

Thank you very much for your reply. Your interpreation of my badly worded question :slight_smile: yes the RPI will be running emonCMS

I hope to experiment over the next couple of days and will update back here.

Beware the Optimersion Wattson and the Elkor Watts0n devices discussed here on the forum are not the same thing.

I think Dave is picturing this


whilst Robert (and Bill) may be imaging something like this


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You are spot on Paul - its your first picture shows

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Umm, No. I knew what the OP was speaking of.
It seems not many know about the Elkor device.
I found that out fairly early on after buying the first one.

I’m off to Google Elkor Device!