I have some questions about a heat pomp metering. i see less actifety on this theme.

I have a 3 fazes water/water heat pomp in my hose working and want to control the efficiency.

Therefore I like to get the possibility to see real time the COP. These next to my already working Emoncms.

I ordered a Kamstrup 302 whit wired Mbus to get the data from the heat system. I assume this will fit also for the Mbus signals.

I like to order the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Heat pump Monitor but like to know if this is also could use this for a wired cat network.

Is it possible to connect this whit a RFM12B 868MHz or do you have a RFM69CW that could fit whit my Emonbase I already use.

Another option for me could be to use one EmonTX V2 I have. Can this be prepared for Mbus?

Hello @Frans

The heatpump monitor firmware (https://github.com/openenergymonitor/HeatpumpMonitor/blob/master/Firmware/Arduino/HeatpumpMonitor_AutoTemp_MultiPage/HeatpumpMonitor_AutoTemp_MultiPage.ino) only supports Kamstrup 402, 403 and Sontext 531 at the moment.

You add support for further meters yourself but its a bit of a complex procedure of reading through the meter datasheets, finding the register positions and then updating the heatpump monitor firmware to support the new meter.

There is a tool that helps with this process here: https://github.com/openenergymonitor/HeatpumpMonitor/tree/master/Firmware/Arduino/MBUS_Reader it reads from the any meter and prints out whatever it can work out. You could try that as a starting points perhaps?

The ESP8266 Wi-Fi Heat pump Monitor is WIFI only Im afraid.

Yes it uses a RFM69CW already.

The MBUS reader requires specific hardware to work. You could build this circuit and perhaps use with an EmonTx v2 but I think it would be a challenging project. Here’s the original forum post with a link to the MBUS reader schematic M-Bus ? | Archived Forum

Hope that helps!

Hello Trystan,

Many thanks for your wide responds.

I ordered the heat pump print and we see how it comes to work.

I assumed that a Kamstrup Mbus is for every meter the same. We will see.

Thanks again and I will let you now.

Regards Frans

i am trying to prepare the wifi modul but have a problem.

i can compile files for the Arduino uno and load them.

as soon i select a ESP 8266 board and try to compile a file i become a falt.

Compiling core…

cmd.exe /c rem cannot sign on windows

exec: “cmd.exe”: executable file not found in %PATH%
Fout bij het compileren voor board Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266


cmd.exe /c rem cannot sign on windows
exec: “cmd.exe”: executable file not found in %PATH%


exec: “cmd.exe”: executable file not found in %PATH%
Fout bij het compileren voor board Generic ESP8266 Module

i run Arduino as admin but also no succes

any suggestions

I am trying to load the firmware emoncms to the ESP12 on the heat pump board.

Unfortunately I have no success. Can someone tell me if I connect the programmer correct?

I would upload a photo but don’t now haw.

the EMONEMP is compiling but no uploading.

Globale variabelen gebruiken 31648 bytes (38%) van het dynamisch geheugen. Resteren 50272 bytes voor lokale variabelen. Maximum is 81920 bytes.

warning: espcomm_sync failed
error: espcomm_open failed
error: espcomm_upload_mem failed
error: espcomm_upload_mem failed

Hello Frans, great to hear that you got it to compile. Did you place the jumper across GPIO0 and power cycle the board?


GPIO0 Jumper: Place a jumper across the GPIO0 header just left of the ESP8266 module to place the ESP8266 module in bootloader mode. Power cycle the board to reset the ESP8266 module. Once the firmware is uploaded remove the GPIO0 jumper so that the ESP8266 starts up without going into bootloader mode at the next power cycle.

Drag the picture into the box you type in, and drop it there.

Thanks all for the repay.

Trystan, I would be very happy if jumper would be the solution but the power was.

I was assuming that the programmer also would serve the power. Extra power was part of the solution.

Then there were problems whit the libraries. Don’t ask what but after days trying I have could flash the ESP. A day later also the spiffs

It has now internet connection but I still have problems.

When I try to upload new heat pump firmware, I become in Arduino the error;

CustomSoftwareSerial.h: No such file or directory

But the file is there inclusive the CustomSoftwareSerial.h

Another thing is that emoncms will not connect. I have the right fingerprint but I become the message failed to save Admin config.

System version says Version: vBUILD_TAG

the library problems are solved, I replace the files in the directory.


I still have problems to upload the Heat pump.

Opening the EMONESP in Wi-Fi I can fill in the fields in Emoncms, when then saved it always say Connected: No

On the Emoncmsorg it gives no inputs.

Further I tried the Mbus reader. After upload the file the serial monitor gives

Arduino MBUS reader

  • a: set mbus address to 100

  • n: normalize

  • r: request data

  • c: application reset

  • i: set id 1234

  • b: set baudrate 4800

  • p: select page eg: p1

It comes no further.

I give in the bus number byte address = 36; (do not now if this is right)

I have the idea that the reading dos not start. Can anyone give me some advice?

Hello @Frans, do you have any serial output when you connect the programmer to the Arduino side of things? You should see values printed there.

Did you upload the multipage firmware? https://github.com/openenergymonitor/HeatpumpMonitor/tree/master/Firmware/Arduino/HeatpumpMonitor_AutoTemp_MultiPage

Hello Trystan, thanks for the reply,

Yes I become info with the serial read. From the ct.







Now I read that the Kamstrup is still in transport modus. I have to let water running true the multiflow so it goes in user modus. Maybe the Mbus is not working in transport modus. Let you now tomorrow if this is so.

One the other side, I still become no connection whit Emoncms.org.

I check the fingerprint again and that’s correct. I make a new Emoncms.org account for the heat pump but whit no connection there are no inputs.

Greetings Frans

I realise its not documented clearly, there needs to be a jumper across TX that links the arduino board to the ESP8266 module, here’s a pic of the location:

I’ve added a note to the bottom of the build guide.

Trystan, do I have to load the ESP again whit that jumper. This because I now don’t become a view at all.

its a bit confusing.

upload emonESP________ one or two jumpers
upload spiffs ____________one or two
upload heatpump mon… ____ ??


I found the wright description

Greetings Frans


I still cant to become a connection to emoncms.org whith my haetpumpmonitor.

Wifi works and I become the WiFi Emoncms Link

I can see latest data and timestamp in the log.

In IP/status it

says {

"mode": "STA",

"networks": [],

"rssi": [],

"srssi": "-54",

"ipaddress": "",

"emoncms_connected": "0",

"packets_sent": "1",

"packets_success": "0",

"mqtt_connected": "0",

"free_heap": "17384"


The bleu led on the wifi module flashes regulary.

Does it actually need the quotes around the host name?

You need to fill in the ReadWrite API Key as displayed on your emoncms.org account or have you just hidden it.

Next to Saved it says ‘Connected : no

Do you really want to send it to the external service. Do you not have an internal instance of emoncms?

I do fill in the write API Key and save it. Still it keeps saying connection no.

Its a heatpump upload i try to start. I understand there is a good dashbord for is raedy.
later i will try to get this on a internal system like a Pi or so.