(Frans Oonk) #1


I have some questions about a heat pomp metering. i see less actifety on this theme.

I have a 3 fazes water/water heat pomp in my hose working and want to control the efficiency.

Therefore I like to get the possibility to see real time the COP. These next to my already working Emoncms.

I ordered a Kamstrup 302 whit wired Mbus to get the data from the heat system. I assume this will fit also for the Mbus signals.

I like to order the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Heat pump Monitor but like to know if this is also could use this for a wired cat network.

Is it possible to connect this whit a RFM12B 868MHz or do you have a RFM69CW that could fit whit my Emonbase I already use.

Another option for me could be to use one EmonTX V2 I have. Can this be prepared for Mbus?

(Trystan Lea) #2

Hello @Frans

The heatpump monitor firmware ( only supports Kamstrup 402, 403 and Sontext 531 at the moment.

You add support for further meters yourself but its a bit of a complex procedure of reading through the meter datasheets, finding the register positions and then updating the heatpump monitor firmware to support the new meter.

There is a tool that helps with this process here: it reads from the any meter and prints out whatever it can work out. You could try that as a starting points perhaps?

The ESP8266 Wi-Fi Heat pump Monitor is WIFI only Im afraid.

Yes it uses a RFM69CW already.

The MBUS reader requires specific hardware to work. You could build this circuit and perhaps use with an EmonTx v2 but I think it would be a challenging project. Here’s the original forum post with a link to the MBUS reader schematic

Hope that helps!

(Frans Oonk) #3

Hello Trystan,

Many thanks for your wide responds.

I ordered the heat pump print and we see how it comes to work.

I assumed that a Kamstrup Mbus is for every meter the same. We will see.

Thanks again and I will let you now.

Regards Frans