Heatpump Monitor - Reconfiguring ESP8266 for another location

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(Gordon Bunker) #1

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and having tio reflash the ESP8266 (thanks Henrik for the pointers ESP8266 howto reset eeprom and correct settings for arduino IDE ) I’ve got the Heatpumpmonitor configured and logging data.

The primary reason for purchasing it, was to move it between client’s sites and monitor them for the first three months. So my question now is, how do I reconfigure the Wifi connection?

Upon initial boot up, I have
a) no jumper across the TX pins
b) I have a jumper across the GPI0
And the ESP mondule goes into AccessPoint (AP Mode) and I set up the initial WiFi network details.
I then removed the jumper from the GPI0 and place it across the TX pins

My question is how do I get it back into AP mode so that when I take it to another site, I can simply trigger AP mode, select and enter the correct details and start logging again ?
(I’m happy to use the same EmonCMS account)

I’ve tried simply removing the TX jumper and putting the GPI0 jumper back in and rebooting, that doesn’t seem to work though. - Any ideas?

I would also like to be able to do this without taking it from the case, so will look at adding a small switch / reset button that can be accessible from outside the case.

This would also then let me set up multiple units in our office and then take them to site so that clients can also use them long term and I can give them their own long term performance details.


p.s. still using Arduino loader/programmer as I haven’t quite got my head around platformio yet


(Henrik Østergaard) #2

Hi Gordon

As I understand from the manual it will switch back to AP mode if it can’t log in to a wifi. I guess as long as it is able to see a known AP it will not go into AP mode… You Could try to set a wrong password… so it cannot login. It will try for some time to login, after failed attempts it will switch to AP MODE… This is not confirmed but could be that simple…