Graphs not updating

The “My Solar” app is no longer live updating. This is possibly since some update recently. I’m running a really old emonpi, but I see exactly the same behaviour on The graph shuffles along as time advances but there is no new data being filled in: The graph remains blank. If I refresh, the data all appears. I’m not out of disk space. The live power values at the top update every 10s just fine. Any ideas?

@TrystanLea it looks like the “My Energy” app works just fine. Is this an obvious bug or would you like me to bisect it?

Hi, I am an openenergy user in Upper Hutt, New Zealand for several years now, and I am seeing exactly the same “My Solar” app is no longer live updating problem, as described “The graph shuffles along as time advances but there is no new data being filled in: The graph remains blank. If I refresh, the data all appears.”. This problem started about a day ago. I have an Android tablet in my lounge room that has reliably displayed the “My Solar” app for several years now 24x7, I also use the same “My Solar” app on my Linux lapt op, both of these devices are showing this same problem. Any chance of fixing this problem please? Thanks in advance,

I did a git bisect and it told me this:

e6f4e85220a102a535719e9e60fb9a12fb38d7e6 is the first bad commit
commit e6f4e85220a102a535719e9e60fb9a12fb38d7e6
Author: TrystanLea <[email protected]>
Date:   Mon Apr 3 08:07:44 2023 +0000

    fix undefined series error

 apps/OpenEnergyMonitor/mysolarpv/mysolarpv.php     | 62 +++++++++++++---------
 .../mysolarpvbattery/mysolarpvbattery.php          | 46 ++++++++++++----
 2 files changed, 73 insertions(+), 35 deletions(-)

Unfortunately this is a reasonably large commit which changes 62 lines in the app, and now I have to go to work so I will keep digging tonight.

Apologies, this is now fixed.

I had tried to fix an issue that resulting in the last values being projected to the end of the window but that had then stopped the update. Both now functioning correctly I believe.

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That’s great, thanks Trystan.

For reference this is the fix I just came up with :smile:

diff --git a/apps/OpenEnergyMonitor/mysolarpv/mysolarpv.php b/apps/OpenEnergyMonitor/mysolarpv/mysolarpv.php
index 866dca9..6d829ce 100644
--- a/apps/OpenEnergyMonitor/mysolarpv/mysolarpv.php
+++ b/apps/OpenEnergyMonitor/mysolarpv/mysolarpv.php
@@ -553,7 +553,7 @@ function draw_powergraph() {
         if (timeseries.value("solar",z)!=null) solar_now = timeseries.value("solar",z);
         if (timeseries.value("use",z)!=null) use_now = timeseries.value("use",z);
-        if (time*0.001<=power_graph_end_time) {
+        if (time<=view.end) {
             // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
             // Supply / demand balance calculation
             // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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thank you! working great

Hello all,

Sorry for upping this topic but I have the exact same issue.

I’m a new user of EmonCMS (in local installation) so some parts of the soft are still unclear to me.

Someone have replied that a update was pushed on Github one month ago. If I want to update a app, do I need to update the whole installation of Emoncms ? Because I belive that app are not modulable in this soft, who is feel kinda weird for me.

And since I’m running emoncms on Docker and the last image update is two months old, do I need to build my own image from repo ?

Thank you in advance.