Solar App - Moving Power graph stopped working

Hi Team,

just wondering if anyone else has noticed that their Solar App - moving power graph has stopped ‘moving’.

If so, could a guru please advise whjat and how to fix this issue.

The Use, Importing and Solar PV numbers at the top of the screen, continue to reflect what is actually happening in my home, but the graph at the botton stops displaying the history.
If I refresh the page, the display resets and redraws the moving power graph, but then stops again.

I installed the system circa 10 months ago, and everything has been working perfectly until about 2 weeks ago, there were a few dialogue boxes shown, which I cannot remeber what they said, and now as I mentioned the history graph has stopped.

No matter what the selected time period, 1H, 3H, 6H, Day etc,the same result.
The below is set to 1H so the difference in the display can be easliy be seen, and at night, so no Solar.

This is the image 15 minutes on and you can see that there moving power graph.

I have not changed anything on the IoTaWatt or the confoguration of the Emoncms.
All the feeds are active with Green ticks.

Thank you for your time to read the post.
Hopefully I can resolve this soon.

kind regards,


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I’m experiencing this as well with The graphs for mysolar are not tracking cleanly
Through the day. .

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Yes, I’ve noticed the same issue and its the same on multiple devices.

Any thoughts guys on how we can escalate this issue ?
I have reached out to the SME’s and nothing has come back.

There must have been a code change or paramater change from a global aspect which has broken the visual web interface display.

From a bullet proof interface, display implementation now to a broken interface.

Any thoghts would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


I was thinking we could post a issue on the GitHub

Don’t know if that only applies to onprem

See Graphs not updating

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