Graphs not showing in public dash board

Hi guys , Paul here,

I have been going trough just about all the post that I could find and I suspect it is a IO issue so please forgive me if I duplicate,
I have setup a Graph and it works perfectly in data view but once I load it to the dash board it is not “zoom able” and you only see a place holder in public view. or a log in screen where the graph should be. All my feeds is public and all my current data is showing on the dash board.

Here is the link.

Is there a setting that I am missing?

Best regards

Ah got it sorted.

I had to create a Multi Graph under Visualisations and then load that into the dash and not load a graph from the data view page

The new graph module developments are currently “under construction” and @TrystanLea is tackling the “public” issue in the “Bugs in new graph module”.

For the moment Multigraphs are probably your best solution

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