Graphing average per hour over the last 10 days

Hi all,

Octopus energy are running a saving scheme where you can save money by reducing your usage for set hours in the day, i have solar PV a battery and a emonPI.

Locally on the pi is there a way to get a graph to show the average usage from the grid per hour for the past 10 days

The Profile app, released in v11.2.3 will show you the average usage per hour for each month, which will give you a good idea, but won’t be exactly what you’re asking for. I can’t think of anything better without writing a script.

Also note that Octopus are looking at the previous 10 working days, which makes it trickier.

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Do you mean average instantaneous Power, or total energy import within those 1h periods?

Total energy import within those 1h, they are essentially trailing how much power we can save by incentivising us to do so.

Thanks Timbones, did not know this and then found this on their FAQ:

We’ll look at your historical smart meter data leading up to a Session, and calculate what you usually use at that time of day, on average.

If the Session is on a weekday, we’ll look at your half-hourly usage over the last 10 weekdays (excluding saving session days). If the Session is on a weekend, we’ll look at your half hourly usage over the last 4 weekend days. These half hourly averages are then subject to an ‘In Day Adjustment’ which will make adjustments based on how much energy you’ve used on the day of the session.

We then use these adjusted half-hourly averages as a benchmark – so you’ll earn points for every kilowatt hour you save compared to that number during your Session.

Try the Octopus App.


You do not need to add in your Octopus data, just your Import and it will show you half hour blocks of data (which is a good start I’d suggest).

Surely than makes it easier as it is 2 weeks.

Ah, I have just realised what is wanted is a profile of use per hour over the last 10 working days :frowning:


Tim is right, the Profile App is what you need. I’d have though someone could add a date picker easily to select the period of time to be analysed.