Graphical/Bar display for kWhPeriod


On my overview dashboard (see below) I have bars showing total kWh for various things during that day. To do this I am using the bar widget with daily totals, which means I have lots of ‘kWh/day’ feeds which are only being used for that purpose. Ideally I’d like to get rid of those feeds (since I’m also logging the total kWh), but I can’t find a way to present the current daily use other than as ‘text’ using the kWhPeriod widget. You can almost do it with a bar chart, but because I want lots of them, they need to be small and the interface doesn’t really work.

Programming this kind of thing is beyond my capacity at present, so I wondered if anyone would be interested in developing it - perhaps as an add-on to the kWhPeriod widget?




I can’t help answer your question but wanted to say your dashboard looks epic! I wish I could create something like that. :clap:

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