Good source for CTs in Canada

I am looking for a vendor of CTs in Canada, I plan to monitor a house with split phase supply, and
I’d like to use the recommended CTs.

Thanks for any hint!

When I get time, I’ll add the 100 mA split-core Sentran range from Aim Dynamics to that list.

I suggest you estimate the current rating you require and then search for local stockists of all the suitable ones listed.

Have you looked at this page?

I found plenty of distributors in the US, but wanted to avoid the customs, so I wondered if there was one shipping from Canada. This one I didn’t find though, thanks!

I am from canada - i got mine from if you want them faster you can get from too… ones i got are from hong kong customs is rarely an issue

search 100A SCT-013-000

Okay, thanks @stephen! Do you have electrical heating? Here I in QC I have a > 25 kW electrical heating, so I have a 200 A main breaker and incoming cables of ca. 15 mm each. The 100A SCT-013-000 are way too small.

oh okay – I have a 100 amp panel. - i heat by electricity but it a heat pump ( it consumes 1.7 kw) - if I did not have an instant water heater - 9kw ( to top up my hot-water that are heated by evacuated solar water heaters ) I doubt i would need a 50 amp panel
ebay still has some

and they seem to have too

Bear in mind the Magnelab CTs in the Ebay listing linked to above, are the voltage type (333mV output)
For use with an EmonTX / EmonPi, you want the unburdened CT.
The last three digits of the Magnelab unburdened CT part number are 000. e.g. SCT-0750-000

I think I’ll give up for now. The unburdened version of the SCT-0750 is not easy to find, but more importantly quite expensive, busts my “research budget” for now, even though it comes with an Apple and a Strawberry.

By that, do you mean from a Canadian supplier?

Yes. Last time I ordered something abroad, I was taken a bit by surprise by taxes, customs, shipping, conversion rate and Post Canadas special fantasy-fee they charge on top of that for doing their job :slight_smile:

Bummer - deluxe version.
Do they ding ya that bad even if the item is from the US?

I haven’t tried yet, and in theory there’s NAFTA, but a friend told me that you end up paying everything first and then filling out forms to get back the customs. Not sure if it’s true…

i import alot from all over the world. it not so bad now as it once was, really it was UPS or other couriers who where dinging you quite hard in brokerage fees… where as you could pay as much in those fees as the item you bought. generally now it it happens to get stopped for duty ( unless it an item that a tariff is on) you basically only pay GST and a small brokerage fee of a couple bucks – example: for $1200 item now you might pay $60 in import fees - but say it something with a tariff such as golf car from the US even if you paid $100 for it US customs with charge you a tariff fee of $500 to bring it across the Canada boarder

Just to relate my experience with shipping into Canada, I received my emonPI system from OEM via RoyalMail and alternate CT’s from Byram Labs (US) via USPS (US Postal Service). These both came directly to me, without additional charge or paperwork. Not entirely without hassle though. The CT’s were originally delivered by UPS, COD, with excessive brokerage charges. I refused the shipment; they went back to the US; I phoned Byram Labs and they reshipped via USPS. No further muss or fuss or charges.

I recommend Byram Labs for Wattcore CT’s. They have a large selection and were very helpful.