Fully Charged Live 9-10th June

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(Richard Phillips) #1

I was wondering if Fully Charged Live was the sort of event that OpenEnergyMonitor might be exhibiting at?

I’ll be going because of my interest in EVs, but it seems there is a sustainable energy theme and would probably be of interest to many of this forums members.

2018 Development Progress Update
(Andrew Roberts) #2

They were there - and it’s certainly whet my appetite for looking into the whole OEM thing and ways I could contribute (embedded software/web app dev into Open Source

(Glyn Hudson) #3

We were indeed, I was just looking through some photos and remembered what a great event FCL was. We’ll be there next year 7th, 8th & 9th June 2019. By the sounds of things, it will be even bigger and better. Here are some photos from 2018:

(Richard Phillips) #4

It was good to see you there, and a good stand - I think you should have banged the drum a bit more about it though as I didn’t see it on the emonpi news page. I spoke to one of the guys on the stand for a bit. See you next year I guess!