Fully Charged Live 7th, 8th and 9th June 2019 (Silverstone, UK)

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(Glyn Hudson) #1

We don’t generally attend or exhibit at many trade shows and events, however last year we made an exception for Fully Charged Live (FCL). Fully Charged is a popular YouTube channel about EV’s and clean tech started by Robert Llewellyn, it’s well worth a watch.

Last year was the first ever FCL event focusing on electric vehicles and clean energy tech. @TrystanLea and I enjoyed exhibiting OpenEnergyMonitor, it was fantastic to speak to so many enthusiastic and knowledgable people who ‘get it’ when it comes to the changes required to avoid climate change. It was a very inspirational and motivating event.

This year we’re making the same exception and will be attending and exhibiting again. Please come along and join us! It would be great to meet members from the community. Myself, @TrystanLea, @Gwil and probably @emrys (on some days) will be there. The OpenEnergyMonitor stand will be in stall B12 in Hall 2.

My wife will also be exhibiting our DIY EV Campervan Converison outside in the Silverstone paddock.

More info on Fully Chaged Live and Ticket Booking Info here

This year it sounds like FCL will be significantly larger with every EV motor manufacturer and lots of clean tech companies attending and bookable EV test drives round the Silverstone track! There will also be lots of interesting panel discussions:

Live Sessions (subject to change)

Friday 7th June: ‘Keynote Interview No.1’ | ‘What’s the same as a cheeseburger? And why what we eat matters’ | ‘The importance of cool concept cars’ | ‘Shouldn’t we be doing more walking, running & cycling?’ | ‘Wind, Solar & Storage’ | ‘When it comes to Energy & Transport how is the UK doing?’ | ‘Autonomous Vehicles: how soon is now?’ | ‘Electric Planes, Trains & Nautical Vessels’ | ‘Car Ownership, but not as you know it’ | ‘How to have a Fully Charged career’

Saturday 8th June : ‘Keynote Interview No.2’ | ‘Make your own eco-home or retrofit your own?’| ‘How to choose an Electric Car’ | ‘Making sustainability more appealing to your friends and family’ | ‘Can batteries really be ethical, recyclable and sustainable?’ | ‘Electric Vehicle myths busted!’ | ‘How to stop burning money; efficiency & heat at home’ | ‘Future disruptors to Energy & Transport’ | ‘Vehicle-to-Grid; who, how, where & when’ | ‘How can energy tariffs change your consumption?’ | ‘Converting classic cars’

Sunday 9th June: ‘Keynote interview No.3’ | ‘Can community energy be the answer?’ | ‘Can Electric Vehicles compete’ | ‘What do you need to know about particulate & tyre pollution?’ | ‘Who are the leading nations and what are they doing?’ | ‘Plastic pollution, the circular economy and hyper-consumerism’ | ‘Micro-mobility: Scooters, E-Bikes and Motorbikes’ | ‘The next wave: Fusion, Hydrogen, Tidal & Wave’ | ‘Electric Car round-up’

(Glyn Hudson) #2

Let us know if you’re coming to FCL by replying to this thread.

We’re looking forward to meeting any community members who can make it along.

(Moojuiceuk) #3

I’ll be going on the Saturday. Will make a point to pop along to the OEM stand to have a natter if you’re there Glyn.

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