Force the Emonpi to AP-mode

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I am about to update 10 units that i use at my school for education, I could real use a 3rd feature on the long button push: “Force it back to AP-mode”. would that be possible and would that be a safety issue?

It that is not possible, what can I do to force the Emonpi to AP-mode after a factory reset?.
It is very time consuming to rewrite all 10 SD cards to accomplish that feature.

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I’m not sure what it means ‘force back to AP mode’
Can this not be done via the web interface by connecting a cable to the ethernet port and looking at the ip/address ?


There is a script that controls this. I cannot test is at the moment. emonpi/ at 7f0470d016984b3e1c7f8e13c040620f2143949c · openenergymonitor/emonpi · GitHub

All you should need is

sudo wifiAP start

Then to stop

sudo wifiAP stop

However, this may not be exactly what you need. Will you need to then power off so the AP starts on startup? Is the idea that you get individual laptops to connect to each EmonPi?

[edit] I have had another look at this and I am not sure the readme has kept pace with actual changes. @glyn.hudson is the person who can probably help.

To force an EmonPi back into AP mode, go into ‘WiFi’ from settings and deselect the currently selected WLAN. Click on save and then refresh. You will still have access to the emoncms instance. Navigate to the admin menu and click reboot.

The EmonPi will now come up in AP mode (as no network is configured).

After the factory reset (see factory reset script] the emonPi will automatically create an WiFi AP at startup if it’s not connected to any Etherent networks.

This is correct :+1:

This is correct. Be sure to also disconnect Ethernet (if connected)

Ah, that is useful to know!