Export / backup EmonCMS Device Module templates to JSON

As per this thread it is possible to Create your own device templates.
Is it also possible to export EmonCMS Device Module templates back to JSON? (So that one could easily import them again in the future?)

I started with a simple template but eventually I have edited / added a lot of Inputs and Feeds manually. Updating the template’s JSON file (again - manually) would be lengthily and error prone process. Moreover, it seems to me that to validate a template all previous Inputs and Feeds have to be deleted, other way the template import will duplicate them?

Thanks for all the help.

It seems i cannot edit the post anymore (?); I wanted to add a screenshot of an Device Module template to clarify the topic:

Hello @Greg Are you after a way to build a device using the UI and then export as a json template? This is not currently possible Im afraid and would be quite complex to implement I think… unfortunately.